SLF Horse Auctions: Horses you can show the world

Check his color! 5yo Las Vegas (Juweel x Cantos)
Check his color! 5yo Las Vegas (Juweel x Cantos)

“It is simply a picture!”, “This horse is your dream come true”, “Taking the lead and going faster” and “Business class!” Just some of the descriptions of the auction horses from SLF Horse Auctions. Original and sharp. They are for sale online. On 11 October the foals and embryos, on 12 October youngsters and on 13 October the top-clas showjumping horses under saddle. You can place your bid, starting Friday 8 October, by clicking the auction button on www.slf.auction.



SLF stands for Harrie Smolders, Walter Lelie and Niels Fabrie, who needed less than a year to stage their third online auction. “We were already doing some business together and during the Covid-19 lockdown we got the idea to upgrade our trade. We wanted to show the horse to the whole world”, the Belgian Walter Lelie explains.

Divers offer

It did not take long to create the three collections. “About showjumping horses we are in full agreement. Harrie is more involved with the topsport, I know a thing or two about breeding and youngsters and Niels specialises in young horses and works from the Netherlands. In that way we can make the collection enormously divers. Which is precisely as we wanted, for everyone to find a suitable horse in our auction. The breeder, the professional, the amateur and the stallion owners.”


“Our foremost concern is not to get the highest prices, but to sell good, honest and sound horses that appeal to many people”, Walter Lelie continues. “SLF Horse Auction has to be a platform where buyer meets seller and where horses are sold that we believe in, which we have seen in the flesh and in most times even ridden. In that way we can provide the client with good information.”


Lucky Levis HS Z (Levis de Muze x Chacoon Blue) out of the damline of Emerald van 't Ruytershof)
Lucky Levis HS Z (Levis de Muze x Chacoon Blue) out of the damline of Emerald van 't Ruytershof)

With great passion

At present, you can find 20 horses under saddle, 19 youngsters and 21 foals and embryos online. “That took quite a bit of time. You have to really like this job. But we are real go-getters and we do this work with great passion. If you want to get paid for every hour, do not start organising an auction. You know what is the most gratifying? When you manage to select good horses and some truly exclusive foals for your auction and that we can do this very well together. The long road up to the moment that the bidding starts. That is great.”


There already are some good SLF references, such as the Nations Cup Young Riders victory with Eyes of the Tiger (Carambole) and Evelyne Putter in the team and the third place in the Belgian Championships for the 7-yr-old O Music (Diamant de Semilly), successful under Alexa Markin.


For any questions about the new auction collection or horses under saddle you are welcome to contact us. 



Harrie Smolders: +31 610 185 963

Walter Lelie: +32 496 808 230

Niels Fabrie: +31 622 206 340 

Email: info@slf.auction


Press release written by Horse Auctions Europe / Wendy Scholten

3yo Narlinia F (Glasgow van 't Merelsnest x Zürich) is just a phenomenal mare
3yo Narlinia F (Glasgow van 't Merelsnest x Zürich) is just a phenomenal mare