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SLF Horse Auctions: Horses you can show the world
The latest news · 29. september 2021
“It is simply a picture!”, “This horse is your dream come true”, “Taking the lead and going faster” and “Business class!” Just some of the descriptions of the auction horses from SLF Horse Auctions. Original and sharp. They are for sale online. On 11 October the foals and embryos, on 12 October youngsters and on 13 October the top-clas showjumping horses under saddle. You can place your bid, starting Friday 8 October, by clicking the auction button on

Horse Auctions Europe: starting point for buying at auctions
The latest news · 13. april 2021
As a huge fan of horse auctions I totally lost the overview of all auctions in Europe. I follow them with interest as marketeer of some amazing auctions, but I also buy foals and horses myself. I was missing a platform where you can find all the important auctions in Europe, so here it is...