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Teus van den Brink: “Only buy foals with money you can spare”
The latest news · 14. juni 2022
The Dutch Teus van den Brink can smell a good showjumping horse at a distance. The list with international showjumping horses, even 1.60m Grand Prix horses, from his stables is long, but also hunters, equitation horses and lovely horses for amateurs come from Nijkerkerveen. He is still regularly scouting at shows, but more often than not comes home empty-handed. Horses performing at shows are expensive and that is why he now also visits auctions to buy young talent at an early stage.

Ramon Koppendraaier: “Make sure that the foal keeps moving”
The latest news · 01. juni 2022
You could buy the most interesting foal in the auction, but what if it has a flaw where its feet or stance are concerned? Do not easily assume that the farrier will be able to make things right. What can breeders and buyers do in co-operation with the farrier? Farrier Ramon Koppendraaier from Lichtenvoorde has a lot of experience in trimming and correction of the hooves, from foals to sport horses. Horse Auctions Europe has 6 questions for him.

Antoon Dekkers: “Don’t wean your foals too soon”
The latest news · 16. mei 2022
Anyone buying a foal at one of the many foal auctions this summer will have to make a plan. Where will this foal grow up? Do you have accommodation at home, will it be stabled or be out day and night in the field? If you have no facilities of your own, there are specialised horse rearers, such as Antoon Dekkers from Winterswijk-Miste in the Netherlands, where since 2003 foals are reared up to 3-yr-olds. He is busy all year round, seven days a week, caring for and monitoring the young horses.

How do you best prepare a foal for the auction?
The latest news · 30. april 2022
His Van Overis breeding products are jumping world-wide at international to Grand Prix level, but Gerald Lenaerts from Peer in Belgium is also known for Flanders Foal Auction, which he runs together with Luk Van Puymbroeck. We are curious what his advice and tricks are to best prepare a foal for the auction, but also what to do after.

"Anyone who does not pay will be blocked"
The latest news · 16. april 2022
Twice a month we ask experts in the field of horse auctions for their advice and know-how for the benefit of breeders and buyers. This time the focus is on Paardenveilingonline, one of the many newcomers that started in the Corona-lockdown era.

What to watch out for when you buy a horse online?
The latest news · 01. april 2022
Many international top-class sport horses have found their way, via the Dutch VSN-members, to all over the world, varying from showjumping and dressage horses to eventing and four-in-hand horses. Nowadays they can also be bought at the VSN Auction. Twice a month we ask experts for their advice and experiences which can benefit you. This time we have 5 questions for VSN-chairman and much-respected horse trader Frans Burgers.

How to prepare your showjumping horse for an auction?
The latest news · 14. maart 2022
Horse Auctions Europe is the best website for staying up-to-date about where and when there are auctions, but also offers free advice. Twice a month we ask experts for their advice and know-how that can help you to get an edge. Horse Auction Belgium kicks off with 4 questions to Lore Penders.

SLF Horse Auctions: Horses you can show the world
The latest news · 29. september 2021
“It is simply a picture!”, “This horse is your dream come true”, “Taking the lead and going faster” and “Business class!” Just some of the descriptions of the auction horses from SLF Horse Auctions. Original and sharp. They are for sale online. On 11 October the foals and embryos, on 12 October youngsters and on 13 October the top-clas showjumping horses under saddle. You can place your bid, starting Friday 8 October, by clicking the auction button on

Horse Auctions Europe: starting point for buying at auctions
The latest news · 13. april 2021
As a huge fan of horse auctions I totally lost the overview of all auctions in Europe. I follow them with interest as marketeer of some amazing auctions, but I also buy foals and horses myself. I was missing a platform where you can find all the important auctions in Europe, so here it is...