About this website and Wendy

Why Horse Auctions Europe?

As marketeer of several horse and foal auctions I'm addicted to auctions. In the meantime I've bought several foals online as well! The excitement when the last seconds are ticking away... Is my bid the final one or not? I lost so many times (which is a good thing, otherwise I would have too many horses).


In 2020 the online auctions popped-up all over Europe due to the Covid-19 outbreak and also for 2021 there are many on the schedule. I thought it would be a good idea to create a platform where we can find them all, so here it is... Horse Auctions Europe.






Wendy Scholten & Jocelyn Brown WS (Montender). Photo Dirk Caremans
Wendy Scholten & Jocelyn Brown WS (Montender). Photo Dirk Caremans

Behind the scenes

I'm Wendy Scholten. Many horse people still associates me as journalist for the Dutch equestrian newspaper De Paardenkrant, where I have been a reporter and photographer for 14 years. Breeding and the (inter)national showjumping were my favorite subjects. It brought me to many beautiful places in Europe and even the USA.


In 2011 I started my own company Wendy Scholten Horses: training & selling horses and freelance journalist and press chef for international showjumping events. Now, ten years later I'm mainly in to the marketing of auctions, stables and sport events and of course, I still ride (showjumping horses, hunters, Equitation horses, dressage horses).


Proud to tell you I have amazing clients I work with. Check their websites!

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