More visitors and clients on your website? Horse Auctions Europe will help you to expand your business and sales worldwide.

Weblink to your auction

Make it easy for my visitors with one push on the button (or let's say one click on the weblink). I add the weblink of your newest collection to:

* my HAE calendar

* in 1 facebook & instagram post

* in 2 stories
* in the Instagram link-in-bio

* the newsletter to more than 7.500 (!) email addresses **


Book it now!

285 euro per auction

* prices are excl. VAT



More Social Media exposure

Let's talk about Social Media campagnes (Facebook & Instagram), my speciality in online marketing (more than 5 years experience)!


I knows all the tools to give the post about your auction the right boost towards the right audience.


It's not about the number of account followers, but the reach of potential clients and click throughs to your website. The number of website visitors depends on several factors (for example the quality of the photos and horses in the advertisement).


With Social Media advertising it can be simple: the more I can spend, the more people will see your auction in their timeline. I recommend to start the advertisement at least one week before the auction ends.


Than the prices:

First you get everything above (Check 'Weblink to your auction). And than you can choose:


Start-up package

Social Media campagne (minimal 7 days)

Number of clicks to your website: 7.800-14.500 results from January & February 2023). There is no banner for this price with a better score!

785 euro


Full package

Social Media campagne (minimal 10 days) for even more reach & website visitors

1.000 euro


VIP package 

Social Media campage (minimal 10 days)

+ Banner on calendar & in newsletter (1.300 x 325 pixels) to more than 7.500 email addresses

+ Extra story 

1.500 euro


Banner on calendar  (1.300 x 325 pixels)
1 week 70 euro

2 weeks 130 euro

1 month 245 euro

1 year 1.995 euro


*Account reached is based on my 2022 ad stats


Also for horse owners

More and more horse owners contact me with the question if she can promote their auction horse for a specific auction. Of course this is possible and the results are amazing! The most owners choose for the 'Start-up package'.


I'm very proud to see that clients all come back when they have another horse in an auction. Together we reach the potential buyers on Social Media!