What to watch out for when you buy a horse online?

Many international top-class sport horses have found their way, via the Dutch VSN-members, to all over the world, varying from showjumping and dressage horses to eventing and four-in-hand horses. Nowadays they can also be bought at the VSN Auction. Twice a month we ask experts for their advice and experiences which can benefit you. This time we have 5 questions for VSN-chairman and much-respected horse trader Frans Burgers.


Online auctions have experienced enormous growth as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. VSN Auction also claimed a niche in the market and celebrates its fourth online auction of young showjumping horses from 15 to 18 April.


1. How do you explain the fact that an increasing number of horses are sold online?

“That is because it is a pleasant way for sellers to reach a large public. The market is under great pressure, because there is a lot of demand for horses. In addition, Covid is playing an important role, of course, travelling having been difficult for buyers over the past two years.”


2. What should I pay attention to if I want to buy a horse online?

“It is important to study the details of your intended purchase beforehand. It is not very wise, at an auction, to decide at the last moment whether to buy a certain horse, or not. You better study all the available information of that horse beforehand, and the same goes for the auction conditions.”


3. What kind of horses would you buy online without any problem? 

“I would buy embryos, foals and youngsters online without any problem. Embryos, of course, you buy on the basis of their pedigree and you can never know for certain that they will grow into a good sport horse. Foals and youngsters, I would buy without any problems, because you can see their natural talents very well on screen.”


4. What kind of horses would you rather first see 'in the flesh'?

“Older horses and horses under saddle I would prefer to see ‘in the flesh’ first, so that I can even try them out. If I get the right feeling, I may consider buying the horse.”


5. Do you ever buy horses online?

“I have done once in a while. In most cases it worked out well and sometimes I got disappointed. But you face the same possibilities when you buy a horse outside an auction. They are live beings, after all, and they can surprise you, for better and worse.”


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Frans Burgers
Frans Burgers