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31-3 KWPN KWPN Online Stallion Auction (NED)
30-3 ET Auction Young jumping horses online (BEL)
1-4 Youhorse.auction Jumping horses online (NED)
9-11 PS Online Auction Young jumping horses online (GER)
8-10 & 11 Horse Auction Belgium Young jumping horses studio auction (BEL)
15 BWP BWP stallions online (BEL)
14-17 ET Auction Jumping horses & embryos online (BEL)
16-22 Hannoveraner Verband Riding horses online (GER)
20-22 Horse.auction24 Straws, for example Cassini I, Casall, Cor de la Bryere & For Pleasure (GER)
20-23 Global Dressage Auction  Dressage embryos (NED) 
20-23 Westfalen Verband Ridden jumping & dressage horses and ponies (GE)
20-24 Westfalen Verband Young jumping & dressage horses (GER)
21-24 StuDutch.auction Embryos jumping online (NED)
23-25 PS Online Auction Young jumping horses online (GER)
25 Veulenveiling Prinsjesdag Jumping & dressage embryos online (NED)
23-28 Deutsches Sportpferd Showjumping stallions online (GER)
22-29 Deutsches Sportpferd Dressage stallions online (GER)
26-29 Paardenveiling Online Jumping horses 3- and 4yo's online  (NED)
26-30 ESHA Jumping & dressage horses, ponies and straws etc (BEL)
24-31 Horsedeals.auction Embryos, straws and brood mares online (NED)
28-31 ET Auction Jumping horses & embryos online (BEL)



2 Cavan Auction Horses & ponies live & online (IRL)
5 Flanders Embryo Auction Jumping embryos live & online in Sharjah (UAE)
7 KWPN Select Sale Young KWPN stallions online (NED)
5-8 Youhorse.auction Showjumping horses & 2 ponies online (NED)
6-8 PS Online Auction Young jumping horses online (GER)
11-12 Horse.auction Straws online (GER)
11-14 KWPN KWPN online broodmare & embryo auction (NED)
16-20 ESHA Jumping & dressage horses, ponies and straws etc (BEL)
20-22 PS Online Auction Young jumping horses online (GER)
25-26 Horse.auction Straws online (GER)
23-26 Paardenveiling.online Broodmares & embryos (NED)
 28 Fences - Chapelle Studfarm Auction  2 - 5yo showjumping horses (FRA)



3 WEF Sport Horse Auction Showjumping horses live (USA)
5-8 Youhorse.auction showjumping horses online (NED)
6-8 PS Online Auction Young jumping horses online (GER)
8 & 9 Cavan Auction Yearlings, 2yo's and broodmares (IRL)
5-12 Elmar Lesch Sales Days Eventing horses online (GER)
 20-22 PS Online Auction   Young jumping horses online (GER)



2-5 Youhorse.auction Showjumping horses online (NED)
8 Irish Sport Horse Auctions 4yo and older showjumping horses online (IRL)
20-23 Paardenveiling Online Young jumping horses online (NED)
 23 Hannoveraner Verband   Riding horses online (GER)
 23  Westfalen Verband   Foals 'Sudheimer Outdoors' (GER)
 25  Westfalen Verband  Foals online (GER)



2 Westfalen Verband Foals online (GER)
30-3 Youhorse.auction Showjumping horses online (NED)
10 Veiling Dronten Sport horses (NED)
16 Westfalen Verband Foals online (GER)
21 Westfalen Verband Foals 'DKB-Woche' (GER)
19-22 Horsesales.auction Jumping horses online (NED)
 24 The Youngsters Auction Showjumping horses live & online (NED)



4-7 Youhorse.auction Showjumping horses online (NED)
10-11  Grand Prix Sales Foals and embryo's jumping & dressage online (NED)
13  Westfalen Verband Foals online (GER)
16-19  Horsesales.auction Jumping foals online (NED)
 25  Danish Warmblood Studbook &  Blue Hors Foals live & online (DEN)
 27  Westfalen Verband Foals online (GER)



1 Bolesworth Auction Yearling jumping horses live & online (GBR)
4 Westfalen Verband Foals online (GER)
2-5 Youhorse.auction Showjumping horses online (NED)
9 Westfalen Verband Foals ' Brünz Waldachtal' live & online (GER)
11 Westfalen Verband Foals online (GER)
13-16 Paardenveiling.online Jumping foals  & embryos online (NED)
16 Hannoveraner Verband Riding horses online (GER)
 23 Westfalen Verband Foals 'Berlin Global Jumping Foals' (GER)
 29 Westfalen Verband Foals Westfalenwoche live & online (GER)
 30 Westfalen Verband  Foals Westfalenwoche live & online (GER)



30-2 Youhorse.auction Breeding auction (foals & brood mares) online (NED)
6 Westfalen Verband Foals 'Hetzel's Nachwuchschampionat'  live & online (GER)
12 Bolesworth Auction Jumping foals and yearlings live & online (GBR)
22 Westfalen Verband Foals special breedings online (GER)
24-27 Paardenveiling online Jumping foals & embryos online (NED)
 26-27 Grand Prix Sales  Foals and embyros jumping & dressage online (NED) 



2 Veiling Dronten  Foals dressage & jumping live & online (NED)
 3  Westfalen Verband  Foals 'Gut Ising' live & online (GER)
 5  Westfalen Verband  Foals online (GER)
3-6  Youhorse.auction  Showjumping horses online (NED)
 10  Westfalen Verband  Foals 'Gut Ising' and 'Paderborn-Challenge' live & online (GER)
 12  Westfalen Verband  Foals online (GER)
24 Westfalen Verband  Foals 'German Amateur Championships' live & online (GER)



 28-1  Paardenveiling.online  Jumping foals & embryos online (NED)
 29-2  Horsesales.auction  Jumping foals online (NED)
 1-4  Youhorse.auction  Showjumping horses online (NED)



 4-8  Youhorse.auction  Showjumping horses online (NED)



7-10  Paardenveiling.online  Jumping horses online (NED)
12-13  Grand Prix Sales  Embryos jumping & dressage online (NED)
 17-20  Youhorse.auction   Showjumping horses online (NED)